About us

Berlin against Nazis – we are many!

We are a large network against right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism with able partners and strong support, sponsored by the Berlin Senate.

Our position unites us. We all wish to convey our protest against right-wing extremist groups, parties, and individuals with effective and creative events and good humor, showing people from all parts of the world that they are welcome in Berlin. Their diverse ways of life enrich our society, impress our environment, and shape our everyday lives. Their diversity fosters creativity and exchange. They are Berlin!

Right-wing extremists and racist groups, parties, and individuals endanger everyone’s exchange and cooperation. They spread hatred and fear. And in any case, the harassment of each individual equals an assault on all of us.

Together we can counter such attempts and contribute to making Berlin as open-minded and attractive as we wish it to be. It is our diversity in particular that enables us to employ a whole range of forms of action and events to articulate our protest. We all have individual abilities at hand to support the network.

As Berlin’s vital, all- encompassing platform for mobilization, we wish to cater to people who have so far found the predominant forms of protest not appealing. We wish to show how diverse forms of protest are possible.

“Berlin against Nazis” serves as information base and central node in mobilization, and as service point for all Berliners.

We provide information and offer possibilities and counseling regarding how and where to position yourselves, and how and where to take a stand together with further partners of our network.

Become a partner of Berlin against Nazis.

Take a stance against racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism. Bear responsibility for a society showing solidarity.

Show, how many we are!