Wir machen das


WIR MACHEN DAS has been created in 2015 out of a network of 100 women from art and culture, science, journalism and public life under the auspices of wearedoingit e.V.

As a non-profit organization, we work in various projects in the field of culture and public relations to promote the recognition of diversity, empowerment and participation in the context of flight and migration.

Our goals

We address all people in their expertise and not as individuals in need of help, because diverse perspectives enrich the discourse here. Together we aim to improve professional perspectives, educational opportunities and networking. We promote individual resources and create opportunities for exchange. Thus, we promote the involvement of people from war and crisis zones. Together, we are shaping a future in which immigration and diversity are perceived as both opportunity and enrichment.

Our projects

Weiter Schreiben is a platform for literature and music. Writers from war and crisis zones collaborate with German-speaking authors. The illustrated texts are published online in the original language and in German. Thus, we open doors to local literary scenes, enriching it at the same time. Additionally, numerous readings with musical performances take place in renowned literary institutions.

The magazine Weiter Schreiben-Magazinis published annually. The first issue, entitled „Häuser – Gärten – Ruinen“, was published in 2019, the second issue, entitled „Hühner – Katzen – Messenger“, in 2020. The magazine is available in bookshops, libraries and cultural venues throughout Germany.

Under the title »(W)Ortwechseln«, six pairs of writers enter into an exchange of letters. The authors come from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Croatia, Russia, Georgia, Austria and Germany.

Our project Demokratie? Eine Frage der Verfassung!departs from the anniversaries related to the German constitution (100 year anniversary of the Weimarer Reichsverfassung, 70 year anniversary of the Grundgesetz, 30 year anniversary of the Friedliche Revolution) to ignite a debate about the foundations of our democracy.

Meet Your Neighbourspromotes talks between migrants and well-established people throughout Germany. The focus of this exchange is always the topic of “labor”. Because people from war and crisis zones often hold expertise enriching our social interactions. During storytelling evenings and conversations in bookshops, libraries and community rooms, supposed strangers get to know each other and exchange ideas in a safe environment.

Mapping Berlin / Damaskusis a new literary cartography. Many Syrians discover places in Berlin that are reminiscent of Damascus. Place by place, memory by memory, the city maps of Damascus and Berlin fade into one another. This phenomenon inspired the Berlin-based Syrian author Dima Albitar Kalaji to conduct an experiment: Working together with the Syrian-Kurdish author Widad Nabi and the Berlin-based authors Svenja Leiber and Annett Gröschner, she has explored this double cartography in a literary essayistic way.

Neue Räume / Neue Perspektivenis the title of the exhibition we are currently showing at Stiftung Mercator with works by artists from war and crisis zones. Tewa Barnosa, Ammar Al-Beik, Jeanno Gaussi, Ala’ Hamameh, Yara Said, Abdul Razzak Shaballout, Huda Takriti, and Mohammad Zaza share with us their chosen visual languages and perspectives examining the radical changes they have experienced.

Further Information: https://wirmachendas.jetzt

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Head of Press and Public Relations
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