The mobile app GEGEN NAZIS – basic information at a glace

The idea
GEGEN NAZIS is the mobile app of the project BERLIN GEGEN NAZIS.
BERLIN GEGEN NAZIS is a broad network against right-wing extremism and racism with strong partners and support, sponsored by the Berlin Senate. The mobile app informs on relevant events within the right-wing extremist scene and the manifold activities in response to them. Its central feature is the interactive map of Berlin, which keeps its users up to date via push messaging on routes, demonstrations, creative protest actions of the network’s partners, as well as the current locations. The map adjusts itself in real time, for example to an updated route at a demonstration. GEGEN NAZIS provides extensive information and allows users to act themselves.

Target group
GEGEN NAZIS addresses smart phone users and as such a continuously growing group of people in Berlin. Political commitment and a long-range loyalty require an up to date appearance and timely enunciation. To make sure that the mobile app reaches non-German speaking people as well, it is also available in English and Turkish.

What the mobile app looks like
Messages from GEGEN NAZIS are divided into news and events. The mobile app thus ties in with the already well established website, regarding its structure as well as its design. Every message consists of title, photograph, further information and detailed description, weblinks, further images or an interactive map. The “news” section provides the user with messages on current mobilizations and protest actions of the network’s partners on short notice. The “events” section presents background reports or photo series of past events.

Download for iPhones and Android phones free of charge
The mobile app GEGEN NAZIS is available for iOS and Android system software and can be downloaded and used free of charge. Minimal requirements for installation and operation are iOS 7 or Android 4.0. An update of the operating system does not interfere with the mobile apps functionality. The mobile app is not available for Windows, Blackberry, or tablet PC systems.

Android Version:


This App store is an alternative to the official Android App Store. Thus, an alert is sent upon downloading, prompting the user to agree to downloading from unknown sources, accepting the sole responsibility for any damage to one’s phone or loss of data that may result from using these apps. This risk has to be assessed by the user. After downloading, reset your system preferences again to prevent further downloads from unknown sources.

Link zur iOS Version:

Or use the search engine!

Who provides the content for the mobile app?
GEGEN NAZIS’ content is provided exclusively by the staff of the project BERLIN GEGEN NAZIS. It is added via a content-management-system. Any source of information is thoroughly fact checked by the editorial team, securing quality standards at all times. The mobile app’s news messages undergo the same diligent quality control as the project’s content on the website. The Turkish and English translations are done by experienced translators familiar with the project and topic. In the mobile app’s imprint, all liabilities are declared.

The mobile apps uses SSL certificates to encrypt messages, all information is stored on a server in Germany. The servers are secured against malware and attacks. Data can be deleted from the server at any time. The mobile app’s code is not open source.

Privacy Policy  GEGEN NAZIS APP

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