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Aktives Museum Faschismus und Widerstand in Berlin

The purpose of the association Aktives Museum Faschismus und Widerstand in Berlin e.V. is to educate about the German National Socialist past and its social conditions, as well as its after-effects up to the present day, focussing in particular on the city history of Berlin. Aktives Museum is not a museum in the traditional … Continue reading »

Jetzt und Morgen

Jetzt & Morgen

UNITED WE ARE STRONGER! JETZT&MORGEN connects actors from film, cinema, and the cultural realm with likeminded partners from politics, the environment, society, and education to create spaces for dialog and exchange in the cinema at nationwide premiere events. For more than twelve years, JETZT&MORGEN has been creating … Continue reading »

Amaro Foro e.V.

Amaro Foro e.V.

Amaro Foro e.V. is a cross-cultural youth association of Roma and non-Roma. Together we work against antigypsyism and for equal opportunities and participation. We organize educational and after-school activities for young people, offer practical support in the social services and strengthen awareness-raising around the topic … Continue reading »

Volksbühne Berlin

Volksbühne Berlin

Volksbühne is a traditional theater in Berlin’s city center. Since its founding, Volksbühne has been committed to the development and impact of novel forms of stage direction. Built in 1914 by the architect Oskar Kaufmann, the house at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz has a capacity of 800 seats. The construction of the theater was … Continue reading »

Coalition for Pluralistic Public Discourse (CPPD)

The Coalition for Pluralistic Public Discourse (CPPD) is a network of more than fifty intellectuals, scholars, and artists who work and conduct research on remembrance culture and diversity in a variety of ways. Founded in May 2021, the network aims to critique the status quo of German and European politics of remembrance, and … Continue reading »

Gesellschaft für Interkulturelles Zusammenleben e.V. GIZ

Gesellschaft für interkulturelles Zusammenleben e.V. – GIZ

The Society for Intercultural Coexistence e.V. (GIZ) has been a registered association since 2000, and from the beginning has been a non-profit association. GIZ e.V. is a certified youth welfare organization (since 2009), a certified BAMF integration course provider (since 2012), as well as a certified educational institution … Continue reading »