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Clubcommission – network for Berlin’s club culture

Berlin is known to be home to one of the world’s most diverse music scenes. The scene’s economy has substantially shaped the city’s image of creativity and innovation. Clubs and events are breeding grounds for musicians and producers, and creative pools for fashion, film, and contemporary art. Here, trends are set and new niches are carved. Further service sectors such as information technologies and tourism profit from the scene’s magnetism attracting visitors and specialists. Club culture is a vital cultural asset, too, significantly designing and shaping the social and cultural life of a city. Clubs are said to be pioneers of happening neighborhoods and they are platforms of communication for creatives. Since 2000, Clubcommission Berlin e.V. aims at supporting and fostering the organizers of Berlin’s club and party culture.

The work of Clubcommission creates the conditions to preserve and develop Berlin’s club culture. We are the mouthpiece of this scene’s many-voiced economy and make sure political and economical bodies perceive their interests and cultural message. We act as contact persons for the media, authorities, institutions, and companies. We represent the scene’s economy on committees as well as on political occasions and abroad. We foster the industry’s acceptance as a cultural asset and support its professionalism.

ClubConsult is Clubcommission’s consulting agency and offers custom-made services for companies in the cultural sector concerning issues of energy management, new technologies, noise and fire control, budgeting (financing plans, sponsorship, and insurance), and legal advice. ClubConsult stands for long-standing experience, extensive expertise of the scene’s economy, and can rely on best relations to further sectors. This enables our clients to optimize their workflow in clubs and at events, to sustainably reduce costs, as well as energy and time resources; and makes your work more fun!

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