Go Volunteer e.V.

Go Volunteer e.V.

GoVolunteer | Simply help. You make the difference. We help you in helping.

What we do – GoVolunteer is Germany’s largest community of volunteers. We connect social projects and initiatives with people who want to help – in a transparent and simple way.

■ For volunteers – Find out where you can be of service and sign up to help.

■ For organizers – Present your project concisely to find suitable volunteers, sponsors and cooperation partners.

■ For companies – Find out how your company can offer help and get in touch with the most effective projects.

What is our goal? – We enable everyone to help shape our society.

1. By motivating more people to get involved in society and to access volunteering as easy as possible

2. By simplifying to implement volunteer projects for social initiatives

3. By encouraging companies and their employees to take on social responsibility

4. By easing access to work and society for refugees and migrants through volunteer work

5. By motivating social change – towards a society in which everyone pro-actively contributes to shape our community.

GoVolunteer Ambassadors for Diversity and Engagement

Our ambassadors from all walks of social life support us in communicating our vision of an open-minded and engaged society to the public. By taking a self-confident stance together with our ambassadors, we wish to encourage others. (See our website for a full list of our ambassadors with their testimonials).

For more information: GoVolunteer.com