Demokratie in der Mitte

Demokratie in der Mitte

The expertise and coordination office of “Demokratie in der Mitte” is the on-site office at Fabrik Osloer Straße e.V. The staff members organize further professional training and events, network the actors in the respective fields, do public relations, coordinate committee meetings, accompany projects, publish professional articles, and advise on all relevant topics to strengthen a democratic society.

The local office “Demokratie in der Mitte” coordinates and provides technical support for partnerships for democracy in the Berlin districts of Moabit and Wedding in the Mitte district. It creates an interface between civil society and administration and is funded by the federal program “Demokratie leben!“

Project: “Zusammen gegen Rassismus” (Together against racism)

The initiative “Demokratie in der Mitte” and the network “Misch mit!” gave rise to the alliance “Zusammen gegen Rassismus” at the end of 2016.

“Zusammen gegen Rassismus” is an alliance of various organizations, initiatives, and institutions in Moabit and Wedding organizing events as part of the “Internationalen Wochen gegen Rassismus” (International Weeks against Racism) and for the integrity of human dignity. Bettina Pinzl of “Demokratie in der Mitte”: “Especially in these political times, as people around the world vote for politicians who advocate nationalism as well as exclusionary political and social concepts, it is important to show solidarity and to become actively involved against discrimination together. We create open spaces for encounters, discussion, and creativity. We offer opportunities to get to know each other and to exchange ideas, opinions, and convictions.”