Deutsches Theater Berlin

Deutsches Theater Berlin

“Deutsches Theater” in Berlin is one of the most important spoken theater venues in the German-speaking world. On the one hand, the program includes classics and modern classics by authors such as Brecht, Gorky, Ibsen, Sartre, Shakespeare, and Chekhov, and on the other, plays by contemporary authors such as Lukas Bärfuss, Dea Loher, Thomas Melle, Ferdinand Schmalz, and Roland Schimmelpfennig are staged and first performed. Once a year in June, Deutsches Theater hosts the festival of contemporary drama “Autorentheatertage”.

Decisive directorial styles, continuous collaborations with major and emerging playwrights, and trust in the potency of a vibrant and talented ensemble form the basis of the artistic strategy with which Ulrich Khuon took over the directorship of the Deutsches Theater in the summer of 2009. At Deutsches Theater, directors with distinctive directing styles stage productions: Brit Bartkowiak, Jan Bosse, Sebastian Hartmann, Stephan Kimmig, Tilmann Köhler, Bastian Kraft, Andreas Kriegenburg, Martin Laberenz, Daniela Löffner, Christopher Rüping, and Jette Steckel.

The ensemble includes well-known actors such as Maren Eggert, Christoph Franken, Corinna Harfouch, Alexander Khuon, Ulrich Matthes, Bernd Moss, Anja Schneider, Barbara Schnitzler, Bernd Stempel, and Regine Zimmermann.

Every year, the Deutsches Theater takes its productions abroad on numerous guest performance tours and accepts invitations to festivals throughout Europe, South America, Russia, China, Korea, and Japan.