pad - präventive, altersübergreifende Dienste im sozialen Bereich gGmbH


preventive, all-age services in the social sector

PAD gGmbH is a certified carrier of independent youth welfare service. The main focus of our work is prevention, support and assistance for people as well as the commitment to human rights-oriented partnerships.

More than sixty projects and institutions work under the umbrella of our sponsor in the core districts of Marzahn-Hellersdorf and Lichtenberg. Young people find meaningful leisure activities in our facilities. Children are looked after in day groups and daycare centers. School social work complements these programs in the educational sphere. Furthermore, pad gGmbH is active in the field of socio-pedagogical family support and family education and provides advice and support to young parents. We also offer services in the field of career orientation. The promotion of democracy and the commitment to a respectful coexistence of all is part of many of these projects, but is also implemented in our own projects fostering democracy.