Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR)

Good for the city – reliable, innovative, efficient, and social

Secure and ecological, providing cleanliness and road safety especially in winter for Berlin’s streets, are the tasks of BSR. In nationwide comparison, its quality and low fees are recognized. Employees benefit from union rate wage agreements, training beyond demands, promotion of women programs, certified family-friendliness, and though numerous projects for children and youth, BSR takes its social responsibilities seriously. As commissioner, BSR provides job security in further companies in Berlin and the region.
We believe in an everyday culture of democracy, where racism, discrimination, and right-wing extremism have no place. We are committed to realizing our vision of a cosmopolitan Berlin where people live together respecting each other, within our company and beyond.

  • Contact:
    Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe
    Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts
    Ringbahnstr. 96
    12103 Berlin
  • Webside:
  • Phone: 030 7592-4900