Neue Chance gGmbH

At Neue Chance gGmbH, the name of the sponsor is the agenda: We do everything we can to give people a new chance. Our offers of emergency housing and youth welfare services are aimed at adults of all ages, at adolescents and unaccompanied minor refugees.

We help when the loss of one’s own living space is imminent or has already occurred. In addition, we provide professional support in case of issues with authorities, questions regarding subsistence, social law claims, debts and personal hardship. In the field of youth welfare, we offer young people, young adults and unaccompanied minors on their way to an independent life a wide range of socio-educational support, which is flexibly adapted to the respective life situation. Since October 2018, we have been successfully implementing the Housing First model project in cooperation with the Berlin City Mission, which places homeless people in their own homes and offers them unlimited socio-pedagogical support.

In doing so, we approach people seeking help without prejudice to their background, ancestry and value orientation and are sensitive to their individual needs. We support people seeking help in reinforcing their resources and activating their self-help capacities through trustful relationship work and professional competence.

We are member of Mitglied im Diakonischen Werk Berlin-Brandenburg- schlesische Oberlausitz (DWBO) e.V. and of Qualitätsgemeinschaft Soziale Dienste e.V. and together with GEBEWO –Soziale Dienste – Berlin gGmbH and Bürgerhilfe Kultur des Helfens gGmbH we have established the association