offensiv'91 e.V.

offensiv ’91 e.V.

Offensiv ’91 e.V. is a non-profit association founded in 1991 providing social and cultural services for children, women and families in the Treptow-Köpenick district.

The association runs several day-care centers in Treptow-Köpenick as well as two neighborhood centers where cultural and political education work, networking and participatory projects take place.

Various counseling units also offer a wide range of support services (such as family and individual assistance), debtor and insolvency counseling, counseling for women and children exposed to violence.

In addition, offensiv ’91 e.V. is the sponsor of the Center for Democracy Treptow-Köpenick (ZfD) as a space for political networking and educational work in the district. This includes the projects “Center for Democracy”, the registry for recording extreme right-wing and discriminatory incidents, the project Aras* – anti-racist educational work in schools, as well as two partnerships for democracy, InteraXion and Integrationlots*innen.

The association is independent of political parties and represents the principle of religious and ideological tolerance, it is a certified provider of independent youth welfare services and a member of Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband.