Vattenfall in Berlin –– energy for the capital!

The company caters for over three million content customers nationwide. Berliners have been trusting in its competence for 130 years. Vattenfall supports Berlin’s aim to reduce the capital’s carbon dioxide emission by more than 40 percent by the year 2020. In their agreement on the protection of the environment with the federal state of Berlin, Vattenfall commits to cut their carbon dioxide emission in half by 2020. To foster a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply, the company invests more than one billion Euro.
Peak performance is self-evident for Vattenfall, not only when energy or thermal technologies are concerned, but also regarding the spheres of social life and sports. Vattenfall acts as sponsor of the annual Berlin half marathon and the City Night, two running events attracting an ever increasing number of participants.
The company is especially committed to Berlin’s youth. That is why it contributes with great efforts to offer meaningful leisure time activities to children and the youth. Hence the company founded the “Schul-Cup” in 2003.
Furthermore, Vattenfall takes a stance for an everyday culture of democracy. As a strong partner of the city of Berlin, it is self-evident for the company to support a cosmopolitan city and society where there is no space for racism, discrimination, and right-wing extremism.