Motor Kommunikation

For more than ten years, we have been working in some of the most renowned agencies in Germany. The last few years at the best.

This is where we learned how to make truly effective advertising.

This is where we won many creative awards. But above all, we gained the trust of our clients.

Then it was time to follow our own path.

We’re still creative conviction-crunchers. After all, it’s in our genes.

We see creativity as the driving force behind effective communication. So in 2010 we founded…

MOTOR Communication.

And MOTOR does what an engine does.

MOTOR moves


Opinions. Motivation. Attitudes.

Brands. Markets.

Hearts. Mouths. Hands.

Shopping carts. Cursors.

Sales figures.

And that requires not only creativity, but open ears and eyes, open doors, commitment and trust, and sometimes a little courage.

That’s how every PS from our customers goes where it belongs.

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