Yorck Kinogruppe

Yorck cinema company chooses its program of art house films with passion and diligence from the numerous new releases annually, to pick the most interesting, moving, entertaining, and inspiring, or, in short; the best movies.
12 cinemas, among them the major premiere locations at Zoo (Delphi Filmpalast) and Alexanderplatz (International) and more than a million visitors per year make the group of Yorck cinemas Berlin’s largest cinema company with the most diverse selection of movies. Whether turn of the century theatre grandeur or the elegance of post-war modernist forms, the locations combine the sparkling atmosphere of past times with contemporary comfort and up to date facilities. The group, which has been awarded the title of “best European cinema operator”, focuses its program on European and sophisticated international releases, which are shown in their German language versions and their original versions respectively. Here, cinema becomes event.
Our films allow exploring the world and its foreign cultures. Racism, discrimination, and extremism therefore have no space at Yorck, where we create a colorful Berlin that provides the world with a home.