GeBeWo Soziale Dienste Berlin gGmbH

GEBEWO – Soziale Dienste Berlin gGmbH

The GEBEWO – Social Services – Berlin gGmbH was founded in 1994 to help people in exceptional circumstances. With our work, we support in particular people who are homeless or threatened by homelessness due to their living conditions as well as chronically addicted, mentally challenged people. A further aim of our work is to close gaps in the social assistance system and thus to provide our clients with innovative, needs-oriented services. We advocate equal social, cultural and economic participation of underprivileged people in society, especially against the background of current social and economic developments.

We offer people who are socially discriminated against or excluded due to subjective or objective circumstances our professionally qualified assistance to enable them to participate in social life and to overcome existential distress. The offers of GEBEWO – Soziale Dienste – Berlin gGmbH and the associated GEBEWO pro gGmbH currently include diverse facilities in the areas of “emergency housing assistance” – “integration assistance” and “assistance for women”. These include various counseling centers, day care centers, a medical practice for low-income and homeless people as well as emergency shelters and assisted living forms for women, men, trans*men and families. Furthermore, the coordination office die Koordinierungsstelle Berliner Kältehilfe is located in GEBEWO pro. It includes the planning, coordination and organization of the Kältehilfe hotline, site development, Kältehilfewegweiser orientation guide and Kältehilfe-App.

GEBEWO – Soziale Dienste – Berlin gGmbH is a member of Mitglied im Diakonischen Werk Berlin-Brandenburg- schlesische Oberlausitz (DWBO) e.V. and of Qualitätsgemeinschaft Soziale Dienste e.V. and together with Neue Chance gGmbH and Bürgerhilfe Kultur des Helfens gGmbH we have established the association