Fabrik Osloer Straße e.V.

Since its foundation in 1982, on the former site of Roller machine factory, the association “Fabrik Osloer Straße e.V.” has developed into a socio-cultural center in Mitte (district of Wedding). Under its roof, the association houses numerous social and cultural projects as well as committed commercial enterprises.

These include the neighborhood center “NachbarschaftsEtage”, “FamilienZentrum”, “FreiwilligenAgentur Fabrik”, “PaSch – Paten für Schüler”, “Paten für Flüchtlinge”, the neighborhood coordination Osloer Straße, “Gesundheit im ElternRaum”, “Demokratie in der Mitte”, as well as “Labyrinth Kindermuseum Berlin”, all projects under the roof of the association Fabrik Osloer Straße e.V..

The independent facilities on our premises include the training project “Wohnwerkstatt e.V.”, the living spaces “Wohngemeinschaften of Wohnwerkstatt e.V.”, the training project “Durchbruch e.V.”, “Gäste-Etage des Bund Deutscher PfadfinderInnen”, “Institut für genderreflektiere Gewaltprävention”, international projects of “CHANCE – BJS gGmbH”, “flugwerk”, and the day care center for children “Putte e.V.”

The goals of the association include the implementation of district-oriented youth and community work, the promotion of family, education, upbringing and professional training, art and culture, youth welfare, and international understanding. The projects are also conceptually oriented towards the specific features of the area and are to address the social, cultural and socio-political interests of the people in the neighborhood.

In addition, the estrangement among the generations is to be overcome through neighborhood support. The association works independently of party politics and performs its tasks in a self-governing manner.

The association Fabrik Osloer Straße e.V., aligns its work with the principles of peace, non-violent society, environmental protection, social, economic, and political emancipation of disadvantaged groups of the population. We are against racism, fascism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, bi- and transphobia. We strive for the realization of an inclusive and integrative society with every person’s individual freedom.

Through language we wish to reach all people and not disadvantage anyone. In our publications, we aim to implement both the requirements of simple language and the needs of gender-neutral language as best as possible.