Real von Chamisso

Real von Chamisso

Real von Chamisso is an independent hockey club based in Kreuzberg, run as a non-profit sports association. We strive to orient our actions to meet the non-profit criteria, which is a commitment to the community. Real von Chamisso offers the opportunity to play hockey in an interesting team, with fun and good spirit. Fun and pleasure in the game are the main condition for our success. Which should also be understood as a commitment.

Real von Chamisso was founded 12 years ago. It has its origin on Kreuzberg’s Chamissoplatz ( Here, hockey players (mostly from Hamburg) met to exercise to stay in shape. However, the wish to continue playing hockey was stronger. The existing neighborhood clubs though were not what they had in mind, so the decision was made to found their own club. A quick idea, but still lacking a name. As it was founded on Chamissoplatz, ‘Chamisso’ was an obvious choice, which, paired with ‘Real’ (after the football club Real Madrid’), made an excellent name.

In 2000, the club played its first game. From the beginning, games were played in the Hockeyolympia stadium. Former players of the national and federal divisions from Hamburg joined the games, making Real von Chamisso climb league after league until it was admitted to play the Oberliga.

RvC has established a name in the world of hockey sports. The club was able to hold its ambitions athletic standards as well as focus on social activities, making it a unique sports club.

We welcome new players to our team and are open to good talents with good character at all times. Because that is what makes our club special and keeps it top-notch until this day. Hence Kreuzberg can be proud to call Real von Chamisso its own, the sole hockey club to date.