Landesseniorenbeirat Berlin

Landesseniorenbeirat Berlin (LSBB)

The Landesseniorenbeirat Berlin’s main concern is to enable aging in dignity. Hence, it is essential to sustain self-dependence, autonomy, and participation. At the same time, it is vital to foster and encourage honorary positions and the civic engagement of the elder generation.

We seek to establish dialogue with everybody taking responsibility for inter-generational understanding and fostering democracy. It is therefore self-evident for us to partake in a wide network against right-wing extremism and racism.
Many of today’s senior citizens are contemporary witnesses to the catastrophic consequences of the Nazi regime and have pledged to never again let fascism and war happen.

It is our vital concern to mobilize all our energies to
• support inter-generational solidarity and
• enable a functioning community of Berliners born here or moved here as well as all migrants from all parts of the world.

We are looking forward to the diversity of ideas without which it is impossible to master the challenges of demographic change anywhere, here in Berlin as well.

We know that right-wing extremism stretches from the accepted bias to the actual act of violence. We have to take a stance against that: “Berlin against Nazis –– for we are many!” Because it is each and everyone’s task to maintain democracy.

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  • Phone: 030/3266 4126