Documentation of our action campaign: „One Cent against Nazis“ – Charity run for human rights +++ Great signals of solidarity and humanity thanks to more than 1,200 donors +++ More than 20,000 € donated

As part of the counter-protests against the right-wing extremist march “Heßmarsch” on August 18, Berlin gegen Nazis opposed the neo-Nazi demonstration with an easily accessible action campaign as a charity run for human rights under the slogan “One Cent against Nazis”. More than 1,200 donors committed to contribute cents … Continue reading »

Pictures: Typochoreography and protests against the seventh right-wing demonstration under the slogan “Merkel muss weg“ in Berlin-Mitte on September 9, 2017

The demonstration of the right-wing extremist organization “Wir für Deutschland (WFD)”, in its seventh episode since March 2016, had about 450 participants. For the last time it took place under the slogan “Merkel muss weg”. The demonstrators marched through the government district and the city center at Potsdamer Platz … Continue reading »