Update +++ Tuesday, December 19, 2017, overview: Commemoration on occasion of the first annual anniversary of the terrorist attack at Breitscheidtplatz – 19:00 right-wing extremist demonstation place known –assessment of MBR

On December 19, 2017, exactly one year will have passed since the terrorist attack at the Christmas market took place at Breitscheidtplatz. On this day, there will be several events to commemorate the victims: In addition to the official inauguration of the memorial site in the morning, a peace demonstration will take place as well as further memorial events. A citizen’s alliance calls for support of their demonstration for a society of open-mindedness and solidarity. Unfortunately, a right-wing extremist demonstration is announced to take place on Breitscheidtplatz, too.

A right-wing demonstration with 20 participants has been registered with the authorities starting at 19:00 in the area of Breitscheidtplatz. The right-wing extremists plan to instrumentalize the attack for their racist propaganda, the demonstration is taking place under the slogan “close the borders, not the Christmas markets!”. The exact location of the demonstration is Tauentzienstraße between Rankestraße and Marburger Straße. It was not even 48 hours after the attack when the same group of persons called for a right-wing extremist demonstration  on December 21, 2016.

The Mobile Counsel against Right-wing Extremism (MBR)  issued a statement assessing the right-wing extremist demonstration. We quote:

Just like in the past year, NPD-official Schmidtke attempts at concealing his party background by announcing the event via the facebook page “Wache auf – Handeln statt klagen“. Just as in the past, the label serves to mobilize for xenophobic anti-refugee demonstrations as well as for demonstrations supporting the convicted Holocaust denier Horst Mahler.

Even if the event is registered for a mere 20 participants, considering the topic, a far wider audience can be assumed to show up. Also, as of yet, there have been no further events announced, as it had been the case last year with demonstrations by AfD and from the network of “Ein Prozent”.

MBR further expects possible disruptive incidents by the right-wing extremist Identitarian Movement „Identitäre Bewegung“ on December 19:

The right-wing extremist movement „Identitäre Bewegung“ has been launching a camping in the past weeks regarding the attack on Breitscheidtplatz with posters and banners in public space in Berlin. As the group is attempting high media attention and public visibility, it is likely that the memorial events for the victims of the attack might be subject to disruption.

Memorial events and demonstrations at Breitscheidtplatz on December 19, 2017 (subject to change)

  • In the morning, according to a press announcement, the official inauguration of the memorial site will be taking place at Gedächtniskirche. Attendees of this event, which is not open to the public, will be the families of the victims, the Federal President, the Federal Chancellor, and the Mayor of Berlin. The Christmas market on Breitscheidtplatz will remain closed on December 19.
  • 14:00 /18:30 /19:30  – The Protestant Church Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirchengemeinde invites to join for a silent commemoration starting from 14:00, and to a peace prayer, Friedensgebet, at 18:30. Following the prayer, the parish registered a peace demonstration to take place in front of Gedächtniskirche starting at 19:30. The announcement states:

Jocelyn B. Smith, whose songs at the TV-broadcast mass following the attack have been deeply moving, will be performing at the memorial site. Her song “Shine a Light” will accompany the light of peace of Bethlehem to the people on Breitscheidtplatz; the lit candles shall spread the hope for peace and solidarity amongst all who gather to remember the names of the people.

  • At 17:00, a demonstration under the slogan “solidarity instead of hatred” will start in front of Zoo-Palast at Hardenbergstraße. It is hosted by the alliance Berliner Bündnis gegen Rechts, a joint effort of associations, unions, left and anti-fascist groups and further antiracist alliances. Their call states:

We fight against exclusion and support the equality of all people. Let’s show solidarity in commemoration with those affected by terrorism. Berlin remains antiracist and open-minded!

  • At 18:00 Uhr, a demonstration initiated by academics, writers and journalists under the slogan „Berlin against Islamism“ will take place on the corner of Rankestraße and Kurfürstendamm.

Use twitter hash tag #b1912 on December 19.