Bad Nenndorf

Here rules VfL!

In Bad Nenndorf, a broad alliance of citizens has, together with the local sports club and anti-Fascist groups, protested the Nazi’s yearly funeral march in the beginning of August with shake dance and funny slogans. They showed how blocking Nazis can be fun. The action’s common objective was able to amplify the protest against right-wing extremism in a successful way.

The focus of the right-wing extremists in Bad Nenndorf is a public bath, Wincklerbad, which was used from 1945 to 1947 by the British Allies as a detention center for NS henchmen and alleged war criminals. Since the closure of the grave of Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess in Wunsiedel in July 2011, Bad Nenndorf is considered one of the “pilgrimage sites” of last right-wing extremists. With their yearly funeral march, the Nazis wish to commemorate the victims of the Allies. In August 2013, there have been again protest events against the march. They have been populated by members of the radical left scene as well as people who have been organized for years in the initiative “Bad Nenndorf ist bunt”, among them many members of the local sports club VfL Bad Nenndorf. NDR Online reported that “for hours, the sit-in seemed more of a cheerful happening than a hotbed for transgressions of the German Assembly Act”. Shorty after 2 pm, when the demonstration “Bad Nenndorf is bunt” was stated to be finished, several hundred people were sitting down in the square in front of Wincklerbad. Their common objective: to prevent the Nazi march planned for the late afternoon, or at least delay it as much as possible. Many people found themselves to be part of a sit-in for the first time and were insecure whether to stay or leave.

The good mood convinced many to opt to stay. Especially the members of the sports club contributed to the feeling of community with their cheerful songs and sweeping animations. One of the instructors of VfL was able to not only motivate their colleagues for a shake dance, but also further newbies to dance amongst the rows of the sit-in blockade. “Here rules VfL!” was therefore one of the most popular chants of the day.

Confetti and soap bubbles dominated the harmonious image of the protest. The police were as well infected by the good mood. Toilets for the protestors were put up. However, the police finally ordered the protestors to leave the square. After repeated orders, the assembly was declared finished. In the early evening, the announced eviction was started. Only a few protestors went straight away, most stayed and let themselves be carried away. Against a few of them, criminal proceedings were taken up. In the end, the protestors succeeded: The eviction was still in full effect when the right-wing extremist’s funeral march approached. The Nazis hence had to wait and were not allowed to enter the square in front of Wincklerbad, which was blocked by police vehicles.

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