Right-wing extremist attack on pizzeria

Two weeks ago, Nazis broke into a pizzeria in Friedrichshain, tore chairs apart, devastated the kitchen and sprayed right-wing extremist propaganda and symbols on the walls. But neighbours quickly united to show their solidarity for the owner.

When the restaurant owner, Hussein Badiny, tried to unlock the door of his pizza joint, he noticed that the lock had been forced open and the entire restaurant had been ravaged. Fire extinguishers had been emptied in the kitchen. Right-wing extremist symbols and propaganda, including “HH” and “88” – both symbols for “Heil Hitler” – had been sprayed on the walls. The state security police are investigating the case and Hussein Badiny has an immense amount of work ahead of him.

Many neighbours and other Friedrichshain locals set up and joined the Facebook group “Zivilcourage Berlin” in order to show their solidarity with the owner and to help him with starting a new beginning for his business. On Saturday, 7 June, they organised a “neighbourhood festivity” which attracted over 200 people – an incredible success! The idea of the festivity was to raise money by selling coupons for Hussein Badiny’s new restaurant which he wants to open soon in a different location.

The quick and energetic action and the successful commitment of the initiative show us that Berlin decidedly stands up against Nazis and that right-wing extremist attacks do not go unanswered!

The Facebook group can be liked and supported under https://www.facebook.com/groups/zivilcourage.berlin!