Quartiermeister and Berlin gegen Nazis at Biermeile 2016

As in the past year, the beer brand Quartiermeister - Das Bier für den Kiez is again present at Berliner Biermeile equipped with a banner and flyers of Berlin gegen Nazis, supporting our cause with their profits. On Saturday night, Berlin gegen Nazis' own bear will be around as well.

Tomorrow, the annual Biermeile festival takes off in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Again, our partner Quartiermeister is taking part and features a Berlin gegen Nazis banner at their booth. “Same as every year, we support our friend’s work at Berlin gegen Nazis with our profits” Quartiermeister states on facebook. On Saturday from 20:30, the Berlin gegen Nazis bear will join the crowd and say hello, too.

Quartiermeister describe their business model as Social Business: “All of our profits go to worthwhile local initiatives.” Groups and projects can apply with the company for support from their profits. A nonprofit association then juries which projects will be supported.”

Berlin gegen Nazis’ bear with Peter Eckert and David Roos, two representatives of Quartiermeister.


Biermeile 2016