Friedrichstadt-Palast and Amadeu Antonio Foundation with clear statements against Bärgida

Bärgida, an offshoot of Pegida, march through Berlin Mitte each Monday. This week, Friedrichstadt-Palast and Amadeu Antonio Foundation issued a statement clearly opposing Bärgida. As a sit-in protest blocked their demonstration route, Bärgida did not march the planned route and instead remained in place.

Each Monday, we are presented with the same scene at Berlin main station: About 80 Bärgida protestors, equipped with numerous flags, start marching though Berlin Mitte, shouting racist slogans and agitate against refugees in their speeches. Also each week, the action committee Aktionsbündnis #No Bärgida accompanies them with a counter protest.

On September 5, Bärgida had planned to pass Friedrichstadt-Palast on their march, where they were faced with a clear statement:  In front of the building, the revue theatre had put up Berlin gegen Nazis’ 4 meter tall inflatable bear, and draped from the roof was a huge Berlin gegen Nazis banner (photo credit: Friedrichstadt-Palast).

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung was meant to be a further target of Bärgida. The foundation has for years been engaged in working against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism. They were prepared to meet Bärgida, too:

Bärgidas march however was stopped short befor reaching either building as a sit-in protest blocked their route: