Friday to Sunday, June 1–3, 2018, Neukölln, festival “Offenes Neukölln” in solidarity with those affected by series of right-wing extremist assaults

For the second time, the civic alliance “Bündnis Neukölln” is organizing the festival “Offenes Neukölln”. In 2017, following the series of right-wing extremist assaults in the area, which commenced in spring 2016, a festival with more than 70 events was created to show solidarity with those affected. In 2018, there will be more than 150 events hosted by diverse organizers and initiatives. Unfortunately, the right-wing extremist assaults still continue. The attendance of the festival of as many Berliners as possible should thus be a meaningful signal of solidarity with those affected.

Since the spring of 2016, right-wing extremists assault people from Neukölln engaged against right-wing extremism. A report entitled  „Einschüchterung als Strategie“  by Mobile Beratung gegen Rechtsextremismus Berlin (MBR) points out that a previous series of right-wing extremist assaults in 2009-2012 also focused on the area of Neukölln and analyses the aims and motivation of the perpetrators. According to its current list of incidents, MBR is aware of:

… a total of 51 assaults (threats by graffiti on and inside of apartment buildings, property damage by thrown bottles or stones in windows, arson attacks). In sixteen cases, arson attacks took place, of which fourteen cases concerned attacks of motor vehicles.

In the call for the current „Festival für ein offenes und solidarisches Neukölln“, the organizers describe their motivation to campaign for the festival:

Since May 2016, right-wing extremists have committed numerous assaults on people involved in fostering diversity in Neukölln and opposing racism and exclusion. This past November, sixteen Stolpersteine, Berlin’s commemorative “stumbling blocks”, have been defiled, in February, the memorial for Burak Bektaş was willfully destroyed only days after its inauguration.

With the festival, we wish to show how diverse, livable, and fierce Neukölln is. We will not be intimidated and we will not let the right-wing extremists take the streets! We will set a signal of solidarity, democracy, and diversity this weekend, together with more than one hundred supporters and initiatives from all over Neukölln.

The alliance Bündnis Neukölln is a broad coalition of trade unions, churches, charities, political parties, left initiatives and many residents who have been working together for almost ten years, truthfully and on the basis of a shared mission statement.

With its more than 150 events, the festival promises lectures, theatre plays, concerts, guided tours, children’s workshops – which add up to a grand signal of solidarity. Here’s an overview of the program:

Program of the festival: view list, view map, download PDF


All information subject to change, current updates via twitter, hashtag: #ONK2018