Protest gegen Autokorso in Lichtenberg 26.02.21 -Foto: Berlin gegen Nazis

Documentation: Protests against motorcades in several Berlin districts

Since January 2021, residents and passers-by have been protesting along the routes of three regular routes of conspiracy ideological motorcades in different districts. The motorcades emerged as a new form of action by the right-wing leaning gatherings of the year 2020 in Berlin.

At the end of January, residents of the Torstraße neighborhood in Mitte joined forces with the initiative Anwohner_inneninitiative für Zivilcourage – Gegen Rechts to take a stance against the passing Autokorso-West. At Strausberger Platz and on Karl-Marx-Allee in Friedrichshain, residents drowned out the final rally of Autokorso Ost & Autokorso Süd in mid-February with pot banging and loud music from their apartments. The biggest protest so far occured on March 8 against the final rally of Autokorso West at Hermannplatz in Neukölln.

As early as the end of January, the alliance Bündnis für Demokratie und Toleranz Marzahn-Hellersdorf called on the residents of the district not to participate in the conspiracy-ideological motorcades in the district. The alliance joined forces beyond the district and together with the alliance Lichtenberger Bündnis für Demokratie und Toleranz, Initiativen um die Partnerschaft für Demokratie Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, as well as VVN-BdA Berlin, several rallies were planned for Friday, February 26, in several districts along the usual route of Autokorso Ost. The residents along the route were called to position themselves by hanging banners or by making noise with cooking pots. The route of Autokorso Ost was subsequently changed. Therefore, there was a joint rally against the corso at the intersection Landsberger Allee/ Storkower Str. .Fifty people participated in the protest rally with great posters. Initiatives and alliances from Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Lichtenberg and Friedrichshain, as well as Omas gegen Rechts set a signal against anti-Semitism and conspiracy ideology. The motorcade evaded this protest on an alternative route. There were also counter-protests at the starting point of the motorcade in Marzahn and at the end point in Pankow.

On March 10, protests took place against Autokorso Süd in Neukölln. Many residents followed the call of the Brtzer initiative Hufeisern gegen Rechts to join the rally against the conspiracy ideological Autokorso Süd through Treptow and Neukölln. Only a few cars passed the intersection Blaschko-/Ecke Buschkrugallee under loud and determined counter-protest. (Call of the residents’ initiative) Another small counter-protest gathering took place at the starting point of Autokorso Süd in Altglienicke.

From the end of March, residents and anti-fascists in Pankow protested several times against the passing Autokorso Nord. 

Since the end of March, a number of young activists from Marzahn-Hellersdorf have been protesting every Friday with a rally at the starting point of Autokorso Ost.