Documentation: Online Action Campaign March 21, 2020 #ZUSAMMEN GEGEN RASSISMUS

On Saturday, 21 March 2020, activists, alliances and initiatives faced a special challenge - positioning against racism in times of social distancing.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the guidelines for its containment in Berlin did not allow for protest events and gatherings. A challenge, which was met with creativity and visibility by Berlin’s civil society. Berlin gegen Nazis reported on the task at hand at taz bewegung and documents its first city-wide online action campaign, #ZUSAMMENGEGENRASSISMUS, here.  

Many of the scheduled events on occasion of the International Weeks for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination had to be cancelled – such as the planned Poetry Slam at Stadtteilzentrum Paul Gerhardt Stift.

Since its proclamation by the United Nations in the 1960s, people world-wide are called to take a stance against Racism on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

For many years, a protest event has been taking place in Rudow on March 21. This year, the alliance Bündnis Neukölln as well as the initiative „Rudow empört sich“ called to join their Demonstration scheduled to start at 13:00 in the south of the Neukölln district. The call was supported by almost all Berlin-based alliances and initiatives, residents’ and neighborhood initiatives, as well as by political parties. Due to the issued ban on gatherings, the organizers and supporters took theit protest from the streets to the internet. 

Berlin gegen Nazis is very pleased to partner with Centre Français de Berlin from now on!

In addition to the large demonstration on March 21, further events were organized by various hosts during the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The alliance Zusammen gegen Rassismus in Wedding & Moabit had planned more than sixty events, which for the most part had to be cancelled. The cancellation affected also a series of events hosted by the public libraries in Pankow in collaboration with Pfefferwerk and many more events. The foundation Stiftung gegen Rassimus documents all activities. This year, the events were to take place under the slogan “Gesicht zeigen – Stimme erheben”. 

To gain visibility despite the ban on public meetings, Berlin gegen Nazis developped an action campaign in collaboration with all networked partners and initiatives. Then, the alliance Zusammen gegen Rassismus Wedding & Moabit called to join the protest online, using the hash tag #ZUSAMMENGEGENRASSISMUS. 

One of many amazing contributions by GenerationenRaum in Moabit.

The turnout was stunning: videos were created, as well as playlists, portraits, still lifes, and installations. Together with the team of Demokratie in der Mitte and the alliance Bündnis Zusammen gegen Rassimus in Wedding & Moabit, Berlin gegen Nazis supported the online action campaign, pooled the contributions and did reposts throughout the day of the most impressive statements by individuals, partners, and organizations All contributions are documented on the facebook timelines of Berlin gegen Nazis and Zusammen gegen Rassismus. The action campaign further accelerated on twitter. Here is a collection of images from all social media channels. 

Share-Pic by the alliance Bündnis für ein weltoffenes und tolerantes Berlin

The alliance Bündnis für ein weltoffenes un tolerantes Berlin shared our call to join the online action campaign. In addition to the many self-developed share pics, many of our network partners joined with further statements of their own, in words and pictures. Amongst them were for instance Gartenfreunde, Landessportbund, DGB, AWO, EKBO, TBB, Gesicht Zeigen!, House of One, as well as Erzbistum Berlin.

Our network partners took a stance as well and helped out with mobilizing beforehand. 

Here is a selection of successful statements: 

GenerationenRaum Moabit joined via instagram, facbook, and twitter with a variety of creative images. 
The alliance Bündnis für ein weltoffenes und tolerantes Berlin mobilized all members to partake in their online campaign.
 Our network partner AWO taking their protest to public space, including their clients in the facilities.
Omas gegen Rechts Berlin reaching all of Berlin and well beyond.