Foto: F. Boillot/Berlin gegen Nazis

Documentation of our action campaign: „One Cent against Nazis“ – Charity run for human rights +++ Great signals of solidarity and humanity thanks to more than 1,200 donors +++ More than 20,000 € donated

As part of the counter-protests against the right-wing extremist march “Heßmarsch” on August 18, Berlin gegen Nazis opposed the neo-Nazi demonstration with an easily accessible action campaign as a charity run for human rights under the slogan “One Cent against Nazis”. More than 1,200 donors committed to contribute cents against Nazis. 770 neo-Nazis came to march in Spandau and Berlin. The charity run for human rights brought in a total of more than € 20,000 for Sea-Watch e.V. The grand total donated to Sea-Watch e.V. directly thus exceeded the number of donation pledges which amounted to € 15,859. Thank you very much to all donors!

Photo: F. Boillot/Berlin gegen Nazis

Share-Pic charity run action campaign

The charity run action campaign meant to set a bold signal of solidarity with the sea rescue teams in the Mediterranean, whose commitment to human rights is directly put into practice. All of this in the face of a right-wing extremist demonstration whose aim of glorification of National Socialism ultimately negates all human rights. This action campaign was inspired by previous charity runs in Saxony and Wunsiedel.

The campaign started on August 7 with a press release and as part of the press conference at Zitadelle Spandau of the broad alliances of partners organizing the counter-protests. Simultaneously, the social media campaigns were launched at Twitter and Facebook. 

One aim of the campaign was to gain visibility for the upcoming protests against the “Heßmarsch” during the Berlin summer break. All major Berlin-based media reported in depth about the charity run action campaign: Spandauer Volksblatt, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung, Berliner Morgenpost, Berliner Kurier, taz, Neues Deutschland.

Preliminary results prior to the demonstrations: pledges to donate per Nazi

With a donation pledge of one cent per Nazi or higher, the campaign collected donations for Sea-Watch e.V. and thus supported the sea rescue missions for refugees, which Nazis hate.  The campaign website and the social media channels provided detailed information, including animated infographic visuals (1,2). The postings were frequently shared and widely distributed and thus gave the campaign a large coverage. The preliminary results were communicated via social media. Prior to the start of the march on August 18, the pledges to donate reached a value of € 18 per Nazi. 

Campaign banner and result signage of the charity run for human rights photo: Berlin gegen Nazis

At the day of the march, the campaign was visibly presented on location in Spandau, and the preliminary results of the pledges were multiplied with the current numbers of participants of the right-wing extremist march. The resulting figures of the current total of donations were visualized live on location at Spandau and later in Friedrichshain and Lichtenberg and posted on Social Media.

Preliminary results signage with live scene on location at “Heßmarsch” in Lichtenberg
 Photo: F. Boillot/Berlin gegen Nazis


Following the head count of the neo-Nazis on August 18, all donors were notified by email and communicated the grand total and the necessary payment information to donate to Sea-Watch e.V. On the evening of August 18, € 15,859 were transferred.

Many people rounded up the exact amount upon their transfer to Sea-Watch, so that the grand total of donations exceeded € 20,000.

Prior the the start of the campaign, several member organizations of  Bündnisses für ein weltoffenes und tolerantes Berlin pledged to donate larger sums and supported the campaign by personal statements:


Dr. Bertold Höcker, superintendent of Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Berlin Stadtmitte

Our commitment against ideologies diminishing human rights or accepting violence as a means of confrontation directly derives from the Christian view of human life. We call everyone supporting our goals to partake in the donation campaign.


Sophia Oppermann, manager of Gesicht Zeigen!



We do not want Nazis in this city. And if they should be allowed to march, they should finally do some good. We support the “charity run” campaign and call everyone to show their true colors and protest racism and support an open-minded Germany!


Sonja Staack, deputy chair of DGB Berlin-Brandenburg


On August 18, we wish to make clear that there is no space for right-wing extremist propaganda in our streets. Our answer is: Solidarity and humaneness instead of exclusion and hateful agitation.

Katrin Raczynski, member of the executive board of Humanistischen Verband Berlin-Brandenburg KdöR

 Berlin is a colorful, open-minded and diverse city. There shall be no space for hatred. To convert a neo-Nazi demonstration into a charity run for human rights is a brilliant idea, which we gladly support. The money is put to use where it can help save the lives of people who would otherwise drown in the Mediterranean Sea.

Pictures of „Ein Cent gegen Nazis“ charity run for human rights on August 18, 2018

August 18, 2018, 11:45 – first preliminary results presented at the protest event organized by Bündnis für ein weltoffenes und tolerantes Berlin, opposite of Rathaus Spandau – headcount: 10 Nazis photo:: RubyImages/F. Boillot


August 18, 2018, 13:30: preliminary results presented at the demonstration of SPgR – headcount: 400 Nazis Photo: Berlin gegen Nazis


August 18, 2018, 15:30: preliminary results presented at the neo-Nazi demonstration in Friedrichshain – headcount: approx. 550 Nazis Photo: F.Boillot/Berlin gegen Nazis


August 18, 2018, 16:30: at “Heßmarsch” Friedrichshain – addition of the received donation pledges
Photo: F.Boillot/Berlin gegen Nazis


August 18, 2018, 17:00: at the marching route in Lichtenberg – headcount: 750 Nazis and addition of the received donation pledges 
Photo: Berlin gegen Nazis


August 18, 2018, 18:20: Grand total on the day of the march, near Bahnhof Lichtenberg – headcount: 770 Nazis
 Photo: F. Boillot/Berlin gegen Nazis


Early September 2018, donations received at Sea-Watch