Commemoration on the 11th anniversary of Burak Bektaş’s death

The Initiative for the Investigation of Burak Bektaş’s murder is calling to join their memorial event in Berlin-Neukölln on April 5 at 17:00.

On April 5, 2012, in Rudow, five youths with a migrant family history were abruptly attacked by a white man with a firearm. The perpetrator shot into the group at random and disappeared. Burak Bektaş bled to death on site. Two of his companions were seriously wounded and are still suffering from the injuries caused by the attack. The crime has still not been solved. The Initiative for the Investigation of the Murder of Burak Bektaş assumes a racist motive for the crime. In light of the the murder and also in connection with the series of right-wing extremist right-wing extremist series of attacks in the district of Neukölln, the initiative demands a thorough investigation:

After eleven years, there is still no clarification, no certainty. The family, friends, and supporters have been fighting for eleven years for an investigation, for clarification, justice, and consequences. We need to know: What have the state and authorities been doing for 11 years? There still is a murderer on the loose. […] The case of the murder of Burak Bektaş must be re-examined in an independent investigation!

A few weeks ago, the memorial site for Burak Bektaş as well as its immediate surroundings were smeared with swastikas for a second time. The Initiative for the Investigation of the Murder of Burak Bektaş comments:

The sculpture “Algorithm for Burak and similar cases”, which consists of a bench and an electricity box at the memorial site at the intersection of Rudower Straße and Möwenweg, were smeared with swastikas. […] Many people reacted immediately, and publicly expressed their solidarity. This is a powerful signal. We wish to thank you all very much for your tremendous solidarity, also in the name of Bektaş’ family.

The commemorative event on April 5 starts at 17:00 clock at the memorial site for Burak Bektaş (Rudower Straße / Möwenweg).

Up-to-date information can be found on Twitter using the hashtags #b0504 and #burakunvergessen.