Set a signal against right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism together with Berlin gegen Nazis!

When and where? We keep you up to date on all our communication channels, as well as right here on our website!

Just like the year before, “Identitäre Bewegung” will most likely march through Berlin on June 17. We keep you posted on news regarding updates concerning the right-wing extremist gathering as well as all options to join the counter protests. (Facebook-Event)

The so-called “Heßmarsch” on August 18 has already been registered with the authorities and announced to take place. On occasion of the anniversary of the death of Hitler’s deputy Rudof Heß, several hundred neo-Nazis came from all over Germany to Berlin where they were confronted by a great counter protest movement from the entire civic society. In the past year, Berlin gegen Nazis offered an action campaign and is on to something special this coming year as well. We keep you posted via our social meda channels! (Facebook-Event)

A second gathering of the right-wing extremist group “Wir für Deutschland“ – of which the first in 2018 has already been taken place on March 3 – is most likely to take place on October 3, 2018, where Berlin gegen Nazis will partake with a special action campaign as well. Watch out! (Facebook-Event)

Even if there might be no right-wing extremist demonstrations or gatherings taking place in 2018, there will be many options to take a stance.

In the district of Neukölln, for example, a weekend of events under the slogan “Offenes Neukölln”, will take place on June 1 – June 3, 2018, celebrating the Berlin civic society and its open-mindedness and solidarity. Come along, be a part of it!

Any signal, big or small, against right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism counts. Let’s set many signals together in 2018.

Here’s to a successful Berlin, in solidarity, against Nazis, in 2018! Show that we are many!

photo credit: Theo Schneider