Artists call to join their „Glamorous Demonstration“ on June 17, 2017 against the right-wing extremist gathering of the „Identitarian Movement”

The demonstration is scheduled to start at 14:00 in front of the building “Alte Münze” at Molkenmarkt 2, and will move towards Invalidenstraße via Hackescher Markt. Under the slogan "Vorhang auf, Grenzen auf: Bühne frei! Die Vielen" (“We will not be divided. We take a stand. The curtain rises for Die Vielen!”) a happening against hatred will be celebrated and bring all participants to shine bright.

The call of the Berlin-based artists, which we have shared here, states:

We are tired of thinking and acting solely for ourselves. It is time to act together! We are artists, ensembles and other players from the performing arts and further genres, to whom theater and art means to work on a society consisting of people of all colors, various sexual orientations, gender variations and multiple religious beliefs and non-beliefs. This is the reality of the world we live in and this will not be changed.

Solidarity instead of identity! Right-wing parties or -movements cannot be considered an alternative. We are not the ‘Volk’ (the people) on whose behalf they claim to speak. We will not be divided. We take a stand. The curtain rises for Die Vielen!

We demonstrate on June 17. If this new generation of neo-Nazis, called the identity movement, aims to claim the memory of June 17, 1953, to present their crude selfperception as an act of resistance, then we resist and speak up for a society that is not isolating itself.

Therefore, we call out to all colleagues from the arts and beyond, to fight with us for a strong democracy, for a diverse and most of all, for a solidary society. Meet us at 2:00 pm at our meeting point at the square in front of Alte Münze*.  With props and costumes we’ll bring glamour to this demonstration. Dress shiny, bring mirrors, flags and capes made of golden space blankets… And let’s fight Nazis with glam!