The idea of „Wishmob“ combines three wonderful things: wishing, wiping and the flashmob as a spontaneous gathering of people who have something to say.

With a wet mop, slogans are written on the dry street. Anyone who ever dropped their drink on the asphalt knows that this can be seen from afar – at least for a certain time, and in good weather. You don’t need a large crowd for a Wishmob. It can even be realized with only two people, for example as part of a registered rally, at a street festival, or in your own schoolyard.

You will need:

– Some mops (yes, the things you use to wet wipe the floor!)

– At least one bucket of water

– If desired, some powdered chalk to mix into the water – for longer-lasting writing

Here’s how to do it!

1 Prerequisite

Dry weather – unfortunately the messages cannot appear in the rain.

2 Registration

If the action is advertised publicly, then your Wishmob must be officially registered. If you register your own rally with the police, you have to describe the action in your registration. If, on the other hand, you are planning the Wishmob for an event that has already been registered by another party, the person registering the rally must specifically announce the Wishmob to the assembly authorities.

3 Look for comrades-in-arms

Call attention to your Wishmob event in advance. Discuss it with your friends. Initially, the event is best organized as a group with shared responsibilities. Maybe further people will join you on the day itself.

4 Wish-list

State your slogan unambiguously and concisely. The shorter, the easier it is for passers-by to read. Your slogan combined with the keyword WISHMOB clearly conveys your demands and statements.

5 Wish-the-mob

And now– off you go! Grab your mop, dip it in water and get your slogans out on the street! It is certainly advisable to have an extra mop or two with you. The event encourages passers-by not only to read along, but maybe even to participate. Do not forget to document the action photographically. Your event can also be distributed online using relevant or specifically created hashtags.

Check out our partner’s mobilization video for more inspiration:

Wishmob by UNBOX Berlin