Tiny Exhibits

How about documenting your latest creative campaign idea or event, to show it at an upcoming protest event against right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism, or conspiracy ideology? You’d like to present your initiative in public? Make a small exhibition with photos of your actions!

A photo exhibition is always an eye-catcher, and by laminating photos and using weather-resistant materials, you can present the exhibition outside, too, and several times as well. It is set up and taken down again swiftly, so it’s easy to show in the context of a protest event.

You need:

– Strong hemp rope/string

– Laminated photographs / print-outs

– 2 key rings per photograph

– Posts to attach your display, e.g. trees/hooks/lanterns/tripods

Here’s how:

1) In advance: What to show, and how?

Decide how many photographs to show, and whether they will be visible from both sides, or just one (when attached to a wall). About four DIN A3-sized photographs fit onto one rope; with more photographs, it will be hard to hang the rope tense enough. You could use several ropes to show more motifs.

Your exhibition will be shown outside? Remember to register!

It is essential to consider the legal framework. If you have an assembly registered with the authorities anyways, just make sure you have included that an exhibition will be part of the event. The same rules might apply to setting up an info booth – make sure to check in advance.
Your group is taking part in a street or neighborhood festival? This is an excellent opportunity to set up a photo exhibition, too!
Look for a good spot to set up your ropes in viewing height in advance, for example between trees and lamp posts.

2) Prepare your photographs

Make sure your graphics and photographs have sufficient printing quality and resolution, this depends on the camera you use. You will find guidelines online when searching for “printing resolution”, or ask your local copy shop for assistance.

Make sure to use only photographs for your exhibition that are cleared by copyright law. Check with the photographer to credit them correctly, if applicable.

Prepare a short introductory text for your exhibition to introduce it to your viewers. Image captions might be helpful to captivate your viewer’s interest. Include a QR code to allow visitors to easily access your website for further information.

You might need to add the responsible publisher (“V.i.S.d.P.” in German), as part of the colophon of to your introductory text. Further information can be found here.

3) Print your motifs, laminate them, hang them

Have your copy shop make color print outs in DIN A3 format. Note: Don’t use double-sided printing; the reverse side will shine through in broad daylight. It is advisable to make a test print-out to check if your choice of paper and the motif comes out as anticipated.

Use a hole puncher to make clean holes in the top corners of your laminated photo panels, to put in your key rings, though which you can thread your rope. This way, you can also change certain motifs t a later point, if you like. Put up your ropes, and you’re all set!

Tips and Tricks

If you would like your exhibition to be visible from two sides, use two panels per key ring, recto and verso. Make sure your holes align well for a clean look.