Technics and appliances

  • Hanging a banner

You would like to hang a banner or poster? Don’t forget rope, tape, cable ties, and cutting tools. Be aware: The police are allowed to confiscate knives!

  • Sound system

Speakers, mixer, and microphone for announcements and speeches are essential to most protest events. Check in due time where you could lend such equipment at what costs. Your local youth club, neighborhood council or cultural institutions might have equipment to lend, or they have experience who is best to approach. Think in advance what music you would like to play and whether licensing is necessary through GEMA ( Make a playlist. It is advisable to plan your choreography of speeches and music from beginning to end. With professional equipment or live performances, you will need a technician to take care of mixing. Ask around well in advance who could be approached!

  • Power supply?

Using technical equipment means looking for a power supply. Check in advance whether your location has all necessary supplies. Ask the café next door or around the corner. You might need a cable drum, but that should be manageable to organize. Tip: Most hardware stores offer generators for hire. Don’t forget to organize the transport though.

  • Transport

Technical equipment, sound system, or even a modular stage require a car or even a truck and some thoughts about their logistics. Think in advance of the best way, route, and location to have these elements delivered. It is advisable to discuss these details with the protest event’s host who will in turn inform the police so everything will run smoothly.