Take a stance and design protest placards

You wish to take a stance against a right-wing extremist rally or event? You would like to visibly and effectively communicate your opinion and draw attention of the media? Write down and design your own protest placards and banners.

You will need:

  • Cardboard panels
  • wooden slats
  • stapler
  • pens or paint and paintbrush (depending on the size of your panels and typeface) 


How to:

1   Plan and announce your placard workshop

You can design and build your placards as part of a registered protest event. Get in touch with the organizers of the counter protest event to discuss your idea. Another option is to hold the workshop in advance of a right-wing extremist rally in your neighborhood, or within your circle of neighbors or friends, and to host the event yourselves. Plan ahead and look for a space large enough and appropriate for your cause well in advance.

2   Get your supplies

Shop for cardboard panels, wooden slats, industrial quality staplers, and pens or paint in sufficient amounts. When you will be painting your placards in the street, remember to use chalk-based paints, which can be easily washed off, as opposed to durable paints and varnishes leaving stains for which you will be held accountable.

3   Think of some smart slogans

Your placard is only ever as good as its slogan or image. Be creative! Remember to take care your slogans do not appeal to commit any criminal offense. It is advisable to announce on an extra placard that everyone is solely responsible themselves for the content of their placards.

4   Showtime!

Today’s the day? Great, time to show some endurance – and have as many people as possible catch a glimpse or your statements.