Setting a visible signal with a balloon release action

You wish to protest against a right-wing extremist rally and set a high profile visible signal? Release your protest into the air with balloons carrying a respective statement. We are happy to help with the design of your protest equipment. If you are running low on time, we can arrange for you to use templates by Berlin gegen Nazis.

You will need:

  • balloons with a statement
  • closures and strings for the balloons (packages available)
  • gas container and appropriate valve to fill the balloons
  • Megaphone or speakers for the count down


How to:

1   Register your event

Releasing balloons is only permitted as part of a registered event. The person filing the registration has to announce your balloon release action as part of the event with the respective authorities at the Versammlungsbehörde der Polizei

2   Notify air-traffic control

At least two weeks in advance, notify German air traffic control (Deutschen Flugsicherung) online; you will be provided with a confirmation with stipulations you will have to fulfill.
Keep in mind that release events of more than 500 balloons will also have to be registered with the respective division of the German Aerospace Center Luft- und Raumfahrtbehörde.

3   Get your supplies

Order the requested number of balloons. We recommend the color orange, which can also be seen well in gray weather and at dusk. If possible, buy your balloon closures (for gas filling, including strings) with the same order, and of course sufficient balloon gas with the fitting valve. You’d prefer not to spend your time finding the best statement? Try our template (Logo-Datei,) to order your readymade balloons from any seller.

4   Release the balloons

Today’s the day? Fingers crossed the weather will play along nicely! But balloons rise despite rain, they only take a little longer. Should you wish to orchestrate a simultaneous release of the balloons, it is advisable to inform all to wait for the count down. Don’t forget your megaphone! And have someone take images and video footage of the release!

Tips & tricks:

  • You can order your balloons already filled. Otherwise, plan time to fill them on location. It is advisable to have some helping hands for this.
  • Two smaller containers of gas are better than one large one, as you can fill double the amount of ballons at the same time. Sometimes every second matters before a count down!


Regarding legal issues: