Registering protest events

You have decided to register a protest event? There are a few formal requirements to fulfill, which might seem daunting, as the procedure is very bureaucratic. But don’t worry: with a few simple rules to follow and some requirements to clarify in advance, the registration is easily mastered. Check out the following FAQs.

What is a registered protest event?

A registered protest event can be a demonstration or another event. In juridical language, both are called an assembly (“Versammlung”). These have to be registered online with the respective authorities, in Berlin with Versammlungsbehörde Berlin (

Can we register an assembly as a group?

Yes and no. You can add the name of your initiative, group or organization to the registration, but it has to be an individual person registering the event. This person will assume responsibility once there is no specified assembly manager (“Versammlungsleiter_in”). The applicant (“Anmelder_in”) can be one of the members of your initiative or somebody you trust and who is experienced in registering such assemblies. This person has to include their name and address in the registration. In accordance with data protection standards, the authorities will only publish the name of the organization, group or initiative.

What is an assembly manager (“Versammlungsleiter_in”)?

The applicant (“Anmelder_in”) of an assembly can name an assembly manager (“Versammlungsleiter_in”). This is the lawfully responsible person for your event or demonstration. S/he is in charge of starting and finishing the assembly, of making sure regulations are followed as well as communicating with the liaison manager (“Verbindungsperson”) of the police.

What needs to be clarified in advance of registering?

  • The slogan of the protest event. Please not: It is not necessary that the wording in your registration and your call is identical.
  • The exact location (place or street) with zip code (“Postleitzahl”).
  • Time of start and finish of the event, e.g. 13:00 to 16:00. Take care to include the time needed to set up and dismantle your equipment!
  • When you register a demonstration: the exact route including all streets you will pass.
  • The estimated number of participants you expect will take part.
  • Full name and address, email and phone number of the applicant.
  • The equipment you intend to use, e.g. a stage, sound system, our inflatable bear.

Please note: It is possible to add further equipment to your registration at a later point!

What happens once you have registered your assembly online?

The respective authorities, “Versammlungsbehörde” (which is part of Landeskriminalamt in Berlin), will give you a call or will contact you via email to give you further information or clarify details. It might be unfamiliar to receive a call by the police, but this is the common procedure; as you have contacted the authorities, they are now processing your request. You are free to seek for support or ask for patience anytime, should you require it. If you are in doubt about the process or in need for clarification, let us know. We are able to support you with our experience or previous registrations of assemblies, and we will also consult with our colleagues at MBR, who are able to mediate legal advice if needed.

Do you have further questions?

What does it mean to register a spontaneous assembly (“Spontananmeldung”), what are regulation requirements (“Auflagenbescheid”), and what is an agreement on cooperation (“Kooperationsgespräch”)? Or would you like to know what to do in the case of right-wing extremists disrupting your event?

You can find all relevant information here:

Check as well:

(In Berlin and Brandenburg, the applicable law regarding public assembly is “Bundes-Versammlungs-Gesetz”.)

Further questions? Get in touch:

Please note:

Our FAQ on registering protest events and the respective hyperlinked websites are not meant to substitute specialized legal advice on the subject as well as the German Assembly Act.