Interacting with the media

When you are planning to counter protest a neo-Nazi rally, the media is most likely going to be interested, too. Being well-prepared in response to the questions of journalists allows you to react quickly and confident to get your message across. Journalists working for daily newspapers or other media outlets mostly operate under immense time pressure and will need you to get back to them within minutes. If you are not prepared or not concise in your statements, it is likely your position will not be communicated accurately or even not at all, or the media will resort to statements from people who were not even involved in your event.

There are several possibilities of interacting with the media:

  1. You are available for questions during the event, you have designated a press spokes person and have discussed in advance what statements you will give. These are then to be used on the record, and available to quote.
  2. You are available for questions in advance of the event for interviews and public relations, you have a designated spokesperson who will represent your opinions in advance of as well as during the event. You will at least need to provide an email-address, while a contact including a mobile number is even better. It is advisable to have the journalist send you the direct quotations for your authorization and approval.
  3. In advance of the event, you prepare a press release or announcement to journalists to draw attention to your protest event. If you are planning a high impact event, consider holding a press conference in advance. These steps will be followed by 2.
  4. You let your event speak for itself and politely decline press requests in advance as well as during the event.

It is advisable to discuss well in advance which strategy to employ and to then follow through with it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on how to interact with the media in your specific case. MBR and Berlin gegen Nazis look forward to hearing from you.

Be aware: Right-wing extremists are journalists and have press ID cards, too. Check each request for information thoroughly before you answer. Find out which media the respective person works for in advance of sharing information.