Informing neighbors with flyers or leaflets

Typically, the route of a right-wing extremist demonstration is announced by the authorities only a few hours prior to the rally. Quick action is thus demanded if you wish to warn your neighbors and enable them to prepare for a rally and not be endangered right outside their doorstep. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to mobilize for your own counter protest event.

In collaboration with partners, Berlin gegen Nazis has prepared a template for an information flyer in more than ten languages, which can be used and amended to inform your neighborhood about an upcoming right-wing extremist rally. It can be used to drop into people’s mailboxes or for personal distribution. It has been tried and tested thoroughly. Berlin gegen Nazis is happy to help with realizing your version.

The text template is standardized so it can be easily translated modularly. All that has to be added are the date of the rally, the route of the demonstration, the V.i.S.d.P., i.e. the entity accountable according to the German Press Law, and the logos. The more organizations collaborating with you for the distribution and support by co-signing with their logo, the better your idea will be realized in practice.

It will be necessary to have at least one organization who will sign the V.i.S.d.P.,i.e. the entity accountable according to the German Press Law, for the flyer. Within the few hours prior to the rally where the route will have been already announced, it might prove difficult to find an organization supporting your flyer. However, as in most cases, it will be known well in advance that a right-wing extremist rally will pass through your neighborhood, the search for a supporting organization can already begin then. This will leave you with sufficient time to prepare the flyer with the demonstration route, have it print out in the copy shop in large numbers, and distribute it in all streets of your neighborhood affected by the rally.