Displaying banners

A right-wing extremist rally will pass your street, but you won’t be home? Your company, non-profit organization, or institution has their offices along the marching route and you would like to set a signal, but won’t be there during the march? Displaying a banner is a handy and effective solution to position yourselves. That a well-set banner will be noticed is guaranteed, and it will effectively disrupt the neo-Nazis’ self-image as a strong community.

You will need:

  • a large piece of cloth
  • paint and paintbrush, or very thick waterproof felt-tip markers


How to:

1   Look for fellow campaigners

You will need allies to jointly take action. Discuss your ideas within your organization, your office, your club, or your household.

2   Planning

Discuss the following questions:


3   Notify everyone

Don’t forget to update your room mates and those in charge on your what you are planning. Is everyone in the loop? Have you notified the board, management, or boss?

4   Paint your banner

Once all issues are discussed, you’ll have to agree on a statement or slogan. Be concise and unambiguous, and make sure it is easy to read.

5   Hang your banner

Today’s the day? Now it’s time to hang your banner! In most cases, it is advisable to hang the banner as high as possible. But before you start climbing the roof taking unnecessary risks, check the frontispieces and balconies.


Tips & tricks:

There’s no time left for painting a banner? Berlin gegen Nazis offers banners to lend upon request. The following sizes are available: 2×1 m, 1×2 m, and 4×6 m. Further equipment for your high profile protest statements can be found here: Protest equipment to lend.