Take a stance, have a picnic

Protest does not necessarily have to take place smack in the middle. Sometimes it is more effective to think of an alternative event against a right-wing extremist rally in your town or city, and to organize a picnic in a location far from the march. Thus, friends and neighbors can gather easily, including children and elderly people!

You will need:

  • people who would like to join you and bring some snacks and drinks
  • a nice and cozy spot
  • blankets or chairs and tables
  • sun shading?


How to:

1   Find a nice spot and, if necessary, register the event

You have access to a nice private spot that is easily accessible? You know the pastor one block down whose church has a large outdoor courtyard? Then there is no need to officially announce and register your picnic. But if you’d rather use the lawn in the public park or the space in front of the water fountain or the town hall square of your district, you better officially register your picnic. Here’s how: Registering protest events.

2   Talk to people, notify everyone, have them take part

Think in advance of a good way to excite people about your planned picnic. Knock on the neighbors’ doors and let them know? Paste a notification to every door on your street? Design flyers to post in everyone’s mailbox and place on the counter of every store in your neighborhood?

3   Make a to-do list

Write down everything that will be needed and will need to get done on a list. Then let people sign up to take care of specific items. This is an effective way to make sure things won’t neither be forgotten nor be taken care of by several people.

4   Just join in

Today’s the day? Very well, time to lean back, picnic and relax enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Tips & tricks:

  • Alternative: a neighborhood brunch, or “Kiezfrühstück”, is a nice variation to the picnic. Meet on the day of a right-wing extremist rally for a joint breakfast in your neighborhood, prepare protest equipment together, and chat about the latest news. Those who want to can join the protest events at the rally afterwards, those who do not wish to do so or are unable to due to disabilities, still have a way to contribute to and take part in the protests.