A summery refreshment: Quartiermeister-Bier with labels by Berlin gegen Nazis

Quartiermeister - Bier für den Kiez is a longstanding partner of Berlin gegen Nazis. The Kreuzberg-based brand provides several thousand bottles of refreshment with labels designed by Berlin gegen Nazis.

In summer 2015, Quartiermeister equipped their bar at Berliner Biermeile with materials of Berlin gegen Nazis to set a strong statement at the world’s longest beer garden.
Just a few days ago, Quartiermeister produced several thousand bottles of Pilsner with labels designed by Berlin gegen Nazis. They feature the protest bear and read:

Berlin gegen Nazis
As it is our bear!
Quartiermeister and Berlin gegen Nazis.
United we stand opposed.
Be a part of it!

Quartiermeister describe their business model as Social Business: „Our profits go wholly to local, good initiatives.” Project initiatives can apply for support with the company. A board then decides which initiatives receive support.

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