Calling all interested, engaged, and motivated Berliners!

You wish to do something against right-wing extremism, racism, or anti-Semitism in your city? Set a signal? Mark your position against racists and neo-Nazis? Berlin gegen Nazis offers an opportunity to join together in protest!

In 2016, several of the largest right-wing extremist demonstrations of the past years took place in Berlin. Under the slogan “Merkel muss weg” (“Merkel has to go”), a few thousand followers gathered, in March there were even 3.000 people, initiated by the right-wing extremist group “Wir für Berlin – Wir für Deutschland“. People came from fellowships on the far-right spectrum, NPD, the party “III. Weg”, the identitarian movement, as well as “Reichsbürger”, right-wing soccer hooligans, members of the AfD’s “Patriotische Plattform“, and initiatives against refugees.

Mobile Beratung gegen Rechtsextremismus in Berlin (MBR) published on their website an in-depth analysis (ausführliche Einschätzung) on the right-wing extremist demonstration of November 5, 2016. To quote:

Speakers of the past demonstrations have not only uttered racist positions against refugees and Muslims in particular, but as well statements of anti-Semitic content and such engaging in conspiracy theories and trivializing the Nazi Regime. The program which has been announced for November 5, cannot be expected to be any more moderate.

In 2017, three large right-wing demonstrations are scheduled to take place. So far, the dates have already been announced for three of them:

  • March 4, 2017
  • July 1, 2017
  • September 9, 2017

Berlin gegen Nazis will offer the opportunity to partake in the counter protests and is psyched to meet new faces and looking forward to welcome all supporters!

To a successful – albeit turbulent – new year celebrating solidarity in Berlin! Show that we are many!

photo credit: Theo Schneider