Don’t look away!

24. Januar 2024 um 19:00
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Markgrafendamm 24c
10245 Berlin


Interview and film screening about the massacre at the Supernova Music Festival
On October 7, Hamas terrorists attacked the Supernova festival in Israel, murdering hundreds of partygoers and taking dozens of hostages. The upcoming event aims to shed light on the horrific happenings of that day and their profound consequences on the victims and the people in Israel. As part of the event, we will screen a documentary film on the festival massacre, never before screened in Germany. It features testimonies from survivors and first responders, along with real-time footage gathered from various sources. Following the screening, a survivor will share her experiences during the harrowing events.
Content warning: Some scenes can be disturbing.
Documentary screening (50 min, Hebrew, English subtitles)
Interview with a survivor (live, online, English)